[svlug-announce] SVLUG Meeting on wednesday...

Chris J. DiBona chris@dibona.com
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 09:51:39 -0700 (PDT)

Hi All,

This wednesday we will be meeting at Cisco Building 9. Sorry about the
delay in getting this out, but we had some trouble nailing down the room,
cisco really came through for us though and we have it for the next year.
(Yay cisco!) 

This has been a busy month! We had some speaker churn but we're way cool

Our speaker this month will be Nate Oostendorp, who is the guy in charge
of everything, perl monks and everything2 (see http://everything2.com &
everything.slashdot.org for details) These sites are really
something. Go visit them and bask in thier groovyness. 

Best of all, they run on linux using mod perl and the everything engines.
Which is a linux authoring tool that can be used to throw up sites really
really quickly. 

So please see the svlug website at http://www.svlug.org site for
directions and we'll see you there. The site is being updated now with the
correct info. 


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