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Carlos Amaya Aguirre spc40210 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 20:25:39 PST 2011

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Hello everyone, my name is Carlos Amaya Aguirre, currently I´m an Associate
Degree in Computer Science from the Yakima Valley Community College in
Yakima, WA, and...

I´m conducting an investigation assignment for university studies, I´m
studying Software Development Engineering at the Open and Distance Superior
University in Mexico, ESAD-SES, http://www.abiertayadistancia.sep.gob.mx

The theme of my investigation is: "How have ´Linux distributions´ have
grown in the past 5 years in the Silicon Valley, CA, USA area?"

I´m conducting a quantitative experimental type of investigation based
primarily on a technique using statistics.

The general idea of becoming a member here is to explore Linux, I´m
gathering quite a few works that sustain my investigation and I need to
have access to sources to find data to contrast Linux growth vs. other
operating systems.

I can send more information to interested parties in order to accomplish
the objective that I have at hand.

I hope I can find people interested in my investigation eager to point out
sources or able to provide information for the completion of an objective,
truthful and professional investigation.

Carlos Amaya Aguirre,
Mexico city, Mexico.
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