[Smaug] Sonic.net Fusion and stuff

Peter Belew peterbe at sonic.net
Fri Jun 3 20:35:45 PDT 2011

Sonic.net now has enhanced dsl bandwidth + phone service in a number of its service area. This is branded as "Fusion" by Sonic.


This is now available for a number existing Sonic customers in Santa Cruz County, who sign up in the next few weeks. But Sonic will be handing their Santa Cruz lines over to Cruzio in about a month, I'm told.

For Sonic, the price for dynamic IP on the enhanced DSL is $39.99/mo, including phone service. This is on the existing AT&T phone lines, which will be transferred to Sonic line-by-line. These lines will be transferred to Sonic's equipment at the central office, and Sonic will be the customer's phone company. Taxes on the phone service will be the same as for AT&T.

In my case, I will get static IPs for about $20/mo more. This will include 8 IP addresses. I will get the much-faster DSL for slightly less than what I have, and I'll have phone service thrown it for the cost of taxes.

For people who are not currently Sonic customers, it will probably be necessary to wait a few weeks for Cruzio to offer this service, with their own options, I suppose. The central office hardware will still be Sonic's.

And of course for people over in the Bay Area, this service will be available from Sonic in most places.

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I wasn't able to make it to last night's meeting, unfortunately. Did anything interesting come up in the meeting?

I won't be at next week's meeting, either, because I have a prior committment.

See you all the following week. By then, I should have the new service hooked up at home!

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