[Smaug] Web site, DNS, organization

Eric Cain ecain at phosphor.net
Thu May 19 17:52:03 PDT 2011

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 07:54:53PM -0700, Peter Belew wrote:
> As I see it: here's a web site, set up by people who none of the
> people that attend SMAUG meetings know, with secondary DNS entrusted
> to ditto. The web side is a Drupal site with bits and pieces belonging
> to such absentee members. No disparagement meant, but it would really
> would make sense for it to be run by Santa Cruz area people who
> actually are in contact with either, either in person or on the
> Internet.

I had similar problems I had when I left Santa Cruz. I was the previous
steward of scruz.org. (The domain *expired* before I re-registered it --
I had been keeping an eye on it)

I really didn't have any interest in continuing to renew the domain out
of my own pocket since I knew was wasn't going to be active in SMAUG
after moving to the other side of the hill. So I sought someone local to
take over the responsibility. No one local stepped forward -- but
Crawford did. Yes, he's in Colorado. I was rather surprised someone in
another state was willing to foot the bill for the domain.

The current stewards of the domain and website are reasonably
responsive. If someone wanted to take the reigns of this group and go to
town on the website, I don't see the geographical remoteness or lack of
attendance of said stewards being a hinderance to the group.

> Various secondary DNS servers seem to have belonged to various people
> who have "flown the coop" - I used to know Eric Cain, for example,
> when he was at UCSC, but I don't know where he is now.

He's in San Jose.

> The web site should be on a local ISP's server, which provides primary
> DNS for it. Got.net could do it, but I suspect that cruzio might be
> better. The limitations of the web site are frustrating - there are
> parts that are out of date and not controllable by active members.

I would hardly consider got.net remote. If traceroute & reverse DNS is
to be believed, it looks like the server is in San Jose. 

> Either all of that should change, or we in Santa Cruz should simply
> secede and form our own group.

I am sure Jay can alleviate any concerns you have about web site
limitations or providing access to members. I see he's posted some
information on this matter in a similar thread. I am not convinced we
really need to move the site.


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