[Smaug] Access to scruz.org was DNS problem.

Jay Campbell jay at got.net
Thu May 19 09:16:48 PDT 2011

DNS at Got.net is no problem. I'll start a ticket now. If anyone would 
like to be involved in a Drupal upgrade and any web site improvements, 
let me know and we'll schedule something. I'll get myself to a SMAUG 
meeting soon to meet more members and kick some ideas around.


On 05/18/2011 07:27 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Jeremiah Daniels (daniels.jeremiah at gmail.com):
>> I noticed the site is hosted on a Got.Net host, wouldn't they provide
>> free name service since it's hosted there?
>> I thought they did that, I am sure they would free of charge for cool
>> kids like SMAUG!
> I believe Jay Campbell<jay at got.net>  (CC'd) was good enough to build
> Smaug's current Drupal site (early 2006?) and get it set up free of
> charge at Got.net.
> Yay, Got.net!  Got.net has been a friend of open source and Linux for a
> long time, and was where SCLUG met, back in the day.
> Jay, if you're still there and if got.net is willing to provide
> secondary (slave) DNS nameservice for the scruz.org domain, please
> let me know the IPs, and I'll add them to the allow-transfer ACL on
> master nameserver NS1.SCRUZ.ORG, IP (mine).
> This is _not_ any urgent need.  Although we discovered today that all
> four of our secondaries silently vanished[1], I'm re-adding one of them
> at its new IP and furnishing a second of my own.  So, we will
> immediately have three good nameservers, which suffices for best
> practices.  Also, it's possible that the three other vanished
> nameservers might be offered again, so that's up to six total
> (possibly), without new ones.
> [1] Details:  http://lists.svlug.org/archives/smaug/2011q2/002656.html

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