[Smaug] Web site, DNS, organization

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed May 18 21:59:34 PDT 2011

Oh, and by the way:

> No, I don't currently live in Santa Cruz.  If that's overwhelmingly
> important to you, just tell domain Registrant Crawford Rainwater to edit
> the authoritative roster whatever way you want it.

As a reminder, Crawford isn't local to Santa Cruz, either.  He and his
Linux Etc Company are in Westminster, Colorado, which is about 30x
farther from Santa Cruz than I am.  So presumably you'll want to ask him
to sign over ownership of the scruz.org domain to someone local to Santa
Cruz who's willing to fork over $12 or so every year to keep the domain
alive, just as I'm willing to donate services and expertise.

You'll also logically want to do without SVLUG's help any more by the
same reasoning (e.g., this Mailman mailing list, run on a server kept
alive by yrs. truly), because that's in Palo Alto and isn't run by Santa
Cruz residents or a Santa Cruz organisation, either.

So, go entirely local if you think that makes sense.  I hope Smaug has
the budget and expertise for it.

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