[Smaug] Web site, DNS, organization

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed May 18 21:47:04 PDT 2011

Quoting Peter Belew (abcruzww at gmail.com):

> The web site should be on a local ISP's server, which provides primary
> DNS for it.

You want a single SC-local company to become a single point of failure
for all of Smaug's Internet operations?  OK.

Funny, I always thought SPoFs were bad.

We had five nameservers.  Four of their owners either moved that
nameservice to new IPs and didn't tell us, or shut down all nameservice
and didn't tell us, or shut down just scruz.org nameservice and didn't
tell us.

Exactly one nameserver, of the five, didn't screw up.  That would be mine,
courtesy of which the domain has kept working, even though, through no 
fault of mine, we slipped way under the RFC-recommended minimum.  I'm
also the UCSC alumnus and professional senior system administrator who
recently posted a cronjob that can be used to double-check service to
make sure it hasn't been moved to new IPs without telling us, or all
nameservice shut down without telling us, or just scruz.org nameservice
shut down without telling us. 

(I had hoped they'd treat the matter professionally, but obviously they
didn't.  As of today, I have a cronjob that tells me, or anyone else who
runs it, or elects to receive its reports, if such people don't.)

But your solution is to say that you think primary nameservice -- the
only thing that's been fine, run by the only guy who's actually bothered
to try to compensate for and fix the other four guys' screwups, and who
just now deployed a second rock-solid nameserver to fill in, and who
just taught our benevolent domain Registrant about 'glue records' and
why they matter and how and why to 'create' a nameserver in the parent
zone -- should be moved to somewhere else.

No, I don't currently live in Santa Cruz.  If that's overwhelmingly
important to you, just tell domain Registrant Crawford Rainwater to edit
the authoritative roster whatever way you want it.  Whenever my two
nameservers cease to be authoritative, I'll switch that service off.

Until then, I'll just keep fixing other people's screwups.

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