[Smaug] Access to scruz.org was DNS problem.

Jeremiah Daniels daniels.jeremiah at gmail.com
Wed May 18 19:11:37 PDT 2011


I noticed the site is hosted on a Got.Net host, wouldn't they provide
free name service since it's hosted there?

I thought they did that, I am sure they would free of charge for cool
kids like SMAUG!


On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 6:40 PM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> I wrote:
>> Eric Cain's ns2.scruz.org, AKA ns1.phosphor.net: new IP, disabled svc.
>> David A. Gatwood's ns3.scruz.org, AKA ns.infiniteloopfilms.com: disabled svc.
>> Paul Hall's ns4.scruz.org, IP shut down, new IP unknown
>> Max Baker's ns5.scruz.org, AKA ns.portalpotty.net: new IP, disabled svc.
> Update:  Left direct e-mail with Eric, David, and Paul giving my best
> assesment (phrased politely) about what's changed since 2006, when they
> set up nameservice, and asking if they can resume service.
> As mentioned, Max has resumed service.  I'll need domain owner Crawford
> Rainwater's help to make his new IP authoritative for the domain.
> ns7.scruz.org points to his new IP.  ns5.scruz.org, which pointed to
> his old IP, has been retired.
> I've created ns6.scruz.org, pointing to Eric's new IP, in anticipation
> of his possibly re-enabling service.  ns2.scruz.org, pointing to his old
> IP, has been retired.
> I cannot yet take such steps with Paul, as I don't know if he's still
> running a nameserver at all.  Meanwhile, ns4.scruz.org, pointing to his
> old IP where there no longer is any nameserver, has been retired.
> In the case of David A. Gatwood, no change in our authoritative roster
> or zonefile is necessary if he's willing to simply resume service.
> (He's the one who _didn't_ get a new IP, and still runs a nameserver on
> the IP we know about, but apparently just switched us off at some
> point.)
> I've also introduced _new_ secondary nameservice for the scruz.org
> domain from the other nameserver I control, SVLUG's ns1.svlug.or at IP
>  Again, this won't actually be consulted until
> domain owner Crawford Rainwater adds it to the authoritative roster.
> Summary:
> ns5 gone.  ns7 (Max Baker) will take its place when Crawford re-does the
> authoritative roster.
> ns4 gone.  No replacement unless Paul Hall offers new service elsewhere.
> Awaiting word from Paul.
> ns2 gone.  ns6 (Eric Cain) will be activated if Eric offers service and
> Crawford adds it to the authoritative roster.  Awaiting word from Eric.
> ns3 inactive.  David A. Gatwood might reactivate service, or not.
> Awaiting word from David.
> ns1.svlug.org added.
> Thus, we'll go from one nameserver to three when Crawford adds
> ns1.svlug.org and ns7 to the authoritative roster.  Eric and David
> might resume service.  Paul might still have a nameserver and offer
> service.  Which could bring us up to as many as six.
> RFC recommendation is between 3 and 7 nameservers, so we'll be minimally
> OK soon.
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