[Smaug] Access to scruz.org was DNS problem.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed May 18 18:40:59 PDT 2011

I wrote:

> Eric Cain's ns2.scruz.org, AKA ns1.phosphor.net: new IP, disabled svc.
> David A. Gatwood's ns3.scruz.org, AKA ns.infiniteloopfilms.com: disabled svc.
> Paul Hall's ns4.scruz.org, IP shut down, new IP unknown
> Max Baker's ns5.scruz.org, AKA ns.portalpotty.net: new IP, disabled svc.

Update:  Left direct e-mail with Eric, David, and Paul giving my best
assesment (phrased politely) about what's changed since 2006, when they
set up nameservice, and asking if they can resume service.

As mentioned, Max has resumed service.  I'll need domain owner Crawford
Rainwater's help to make his new IP authoritative for the domain.
ns7.scruz.org points to his new IP.  ns5.scruz.org, which pointed to 
his old IP, has been retired.

I've created ns6.scruz.org, pointing to Eric's new IP, in anticipation 
of his possibly re-enabling service.  ns2.scruz.org, pointing to his old
IP, has been retired.

I cannot yet take such steps with Paul, as I don't know if he's still
running a nameserver at all.  Meanwhile, ns4.scruz.org, pointing to his
old IP where there no longer is any nameserver, has been retired.

In the case of David A. Gatwood, no change in our authoritative roster
or zonefile is necessary if he's willing to simply resume service.
(He's the one who _didn't_ get a new IP, and still runs a nameserver on
the IP we know about, but apparently just switched us off at some

I've also introduced _new_ secondary nameservice for the scruz.org
domain from the other nameserver I control, SVLUG's ns1.svlug.or at IP  Again, this won't actually be consulted until 
domain owner Crawford Rainwater adds it to the authoritative roster.


ns5 gone.  ns7 (Max Baker) will take its place when Crawford re-does the
authoritative roster.

ns4 gone.  No replacement unless Paul Hall offers new service elsewhere.
Awaiting word from Paul.

ns2 gone.  ns6 (Eric Cain) will be activated if Eric offers service and
Crawford adds it to the authoritative roster.  Awaiting word from Eric.

ns3 inactive.  David A. Gatwood might reactivate service, or not.
Awaiting word from David.

ns1.svlug.org added.

Thus, we'll go from one nameserver to three when Crawford adds
ns1.svlug.org and ns7 to the authoritative roster.  Eric and David
might resume service.  Paul might still have a nameserver and offer
service.  Which could bring us up to as many as six.

RFC recommendation is between 3 and 7 nameservers, so we'll be minimally
OK soon.

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