[Smaug] Fwd: [Felton LUG] Natty Narwhal at the next Felton LUG meeting

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue May 10 17:25:32 PDT 2011

Quoting Peter Belew (abcruzww at gmail.com):

> The Felton LUG list is set up to reply to the list only, and there
> really haven't been any flame wars on that.

In case the point wasn't already obvious:  Flamewars are not caused by
making the error, but rather by publicly debating it.

Please read the link already cited, on the issue being settled past all
reasonable dispute a decade ago.  Among other things, it covers the
List-Post header, reading about which might have averted the need for
you to ask me the question below.

> Question, Rick: Are you getting 2 copies of this response? 

Your mailer, GMail, sent me a direct reply in addition to responding 
to the mailing list.  That's because GMail remains a bit brain-damaged
to the extent of still ignoring List-Post, even though that has been a
standard control feature of SMTP ever since adoption of RFC-2822 in 2001.
(However, that's actually one of the lesser problems with GMail, viz.,
the fact that it still doesn't support proper quoting.  ;->  )

You'll notice that my mailer, mutt, doesn't do that, nor do most created
or updated within the past decade.

Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that the Felton LUG mailing list attempts to
prevent subscribers from using the Reply-To header for its intended
purpose by attempting to force a misuse of that header onto their
postings.  FWIW, that's another area where mutt is particularly good, as
(IIRC) it defaults to autoignoring such 'munging', thus restoring the
local user's ability to use the header correctly.  

It's a really common error with a vocal constituency.  You seem to want
to debate the matter.  I do not.

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