[Smaug] SMAUG Facebook group

Peter Belew peterbe at sonic.net
Tue May 10 13:57:11 PDT 2011

I've just added a SMAUG Facebook group. This intended to be a place to post relevant pictures etc. and also to provide increased 'advertising' for SMAUG. It isn't intended to replace our http://scruz.org web site for announcements, as many SMAUG people aren't really interested in using Facebook. It is identified as

  "SMAUG in Santa Cruz County - Linux/BSD/FOSS group"

I just added some photos from old meetings.

Again, announcements should be made via this mail list or on our web page.

BTW - it's still not certain whether I'll make Thursday's meeting - still a bit under the weather, though improving somewhat.

Peter Belew

  It's completely normal that you lose data on "Windows" platforms.
  That's why you have a Linux/BSD/UNIX server for backups.

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