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When I showed in California after being invited by a friend who I met over the 
Arpanet to come here.   We went to the 2nd West Coast Computer  Faire  in  San 
Jose. We passed a  Movie Marque and translating the Spanish as if it were Latin 
I got "The Awful Bad Ones and their Evil Nasty Accomplices."  I became involved 
with this thing called PCNET which was to sort of be one of those great ideas 
that kind of went nowhere but which the dreams of which were achieved via other 
means. That is the ARPANET provided the basis for the Internet which became a 
public resource. The early years this was not foreseen. In fact it was my 
refusal to remove the PCNET directory from MIT-MC that got me involved in many 
interesting things. One of the saddest things and this is a bit un-PC was the 
demise of the People's Computer Company after it was turned over to a secretary 
who became CEO and then turned into a rather nasty person and drove away 
everyone who could have done the place some good.  Note well it sort of has a 
kind of ghostly existence.

Curiously the ARPANET which produced the INTERNET Protocol did produce the thing 
that brought computer access to the public. So that much has been good.  So the 
next time people on the right make noise about the glories of provate enterprise 
they should be reminded that it isn't always so. The commercial competitors in 
the realm of networking were pretty awful TYMnet had some features but the whole 
"sleeping pill trick" often failed badly. I get a giggle about the highspeed 
56Kbaud backbone link that one could go to a building in Cupertino and show 
people.  That a 300 Meg disks the size of washing machines! Giggle!;)

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

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Good story, Rick!

As Time Goes By [tm BBC], we experience more and more
wet-behind-the-ears exchanges like that!


On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 1:11 PM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Peter Belew (peterbe at sonic.net):
>> At one of the Computer Faires in the SF Civic Auditorium I met
>> Gianluigi Zappacosta, one of Logitech's founders, and bought my first
>> mouse. I later visited the US headquarters of Logitech, above the Palo
>> Alto Bike Shop on University Avenue in that city, and was given a
>> Logi-mouse poster.
> I loved the West Coast Computer Faires, even though they turned into
> almost entirely a flea market for bargain hunters, after the first few
> years.
> At one of the latter-year events, I was helping my friend John Smith of
> Datasmiths staff his booth, when a pimply-faced youth leaned over the
> counter.
> PFY:  'How much for Norton Utilities?'
> RM:   '$65.'
> PFY:  'So much?  PC by Root has it for $45.'
> RM:   'Well, why don't you buy it there, then?'
> PFY:  'Er... Ivan Root says they're out of stock.'
> RM:   <big grin>  'When _we're_ out of stock, _our_ price is $40.'
> I love it when someone wet behind the ears lets you haul out a corny old
> joke, like that.
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It's completely normal that you lose data on "Windows" platforms.
That's why you have a UNIX or Linux or BSD server for backups.

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