[Smaug] Meeting Tomorrow, and Felton LUG

Peter Belew peterbe at sonic.net
Wed Apr 6 12:44:04 PDT 2011

Hi - See you all tomorrow night (Thursday the 7th) at 7:30 pm at Cafe Pergolesi.

Also, Larry Cafiero just announced that a speaker will be at Saturday's Felton LUG meeting:

  Hey, all --

  In the throes of all this news, I neglected to mention that
  there's a meeting this Saturday at the Felton Fire Station,
  131 Kirby St., in Felton (behind the Community Center on
  Highway 9) from 2 to 6.

  Akkana Peck will be talking about "Fun with Plug Computers,"
  and she'll have some to demo at the meeting (meaning, of
  course, for those with power strips to bring, that would be
  a plus :-) )

  Akkana is a Linux developer and writer based on San Jose.
  She's worked for an assortment of companies around Silicon
  Valley, is a coordinator of LinuxChix international, has
  written a wide assortment of web articles and is the author
  of "Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional." She also
  lived in Felton while attending UC Santa Cruz and loves
  having an excuse to visit.

  Hope to see you there.

  Larry Cafiero

  It's completely normal that you lose data on "Windows" platforms.
  That's why you have a Linux/BSD/UNIX server for backups.

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