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Why do cafe's change their WPA keys so frequently? I know tech firms with security implications that do things at a much more leisurely approcah?  I dunno how to gently ask them.  I am kind of sad that Bad Ass Cafe went down the tubes,. butr I dunno about ttechies getting into the Franchise Biz gamer and Bob who ran the thing was a techie first and foremost.

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Let's have meetings the next 2 wednesdays:

Dec 23
Dec 30

Keith and Ian suggested that, or maybe I did and they liked it.

I demoed my weird Lucid Lynx screen bug tonight at the meeting, but Chris had figured out why various people's wifi with Asana's WPA key wasn't working last time (including on my laptop). It had to do with some protocol that wasn't implemented for determining what encryption had to be used.

Also apparently they are changing their WPA key frequently now.

Yesterday I did install Lucid Lynx on a couple of systems that also have had weird screen problems in the past, but now seem to work reasonably well under Lucid. They both do something weird with the background screen when shutting down - part of the image appears magnified on the screen, and the system doesn't shut down all the way.

So, how about Wednesdays the next 2 weeks?


  It's completely normal that you lose data on "Windows" platforms.
  That's why you have a Linux/BSD/UNIX server for backups.

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