[Smaug] Epson printer needs a new home

Meg McRoberts dreidellhasa at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 25 22:00:54 PST 2009

I have an almost new Epson C-88 printer that needs a good home.  It
is supported on Linux but I couldn't get it to run right -- I'm not
much of a tinkerer...  I've had it about a year and haven't begun to
use the first set of ink I put in it.  It's a pretty nice printer --
has four separate ink cartridges and all.  I'd like to get $50 for it
or make me an offer...

Also, since I think a lot of people on this list are tinkerers, I have
a fairly nice DVD/VHS recorder that is headed for recycling but I would
be happy to give it to anyone who wanted to see if they could get it
running.  I STRONGLY suspect that it just needs a good cleaning.  We
limped it along for a couple months by running a cleaning disk and a
cleaning tape towards the respective units but it needs to have the
case taken off and, I suspect, have the rabbit hair blown out of it ;-)

When it worked, it was a really nice little unit -- records both DVDs
and VHS tapes from each other or from the DVR...  It comes with a remote
and manual and I think I even have the original box.  Ping me if you're
interested and we can arrange a time and place to hand it off...

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