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Karsten (quaid) Wade quaid at iquaid.org
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On 11/07/2009 10:02 PM, Paul Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been out of the loop on this stuff for awhile but am
> currently wondering how/when the IEEE started coming up with
> 802.1x authentication standards as opposed to the IETF.
> I'm available for any responses as well as any boots/shooes
> applied to the seat of my pants (can[t promise that I'll be
> wearing those pants, but have fun with them as you will).

I pulled this up in wikipedia.com (after a google.com search), had my 
mail client crash, so pardon me for not pulling them back up; you can 
double-check if you wish.

IETF is the Internet engineering task force, so they deal only with 
internetworking issues.  802.1x is not an internetworking item.

IEEE, which formed 20+ years before IETF, has long been the body that 
provides working councils that set standards, including 802.1x, 1394 
(firewire), and so forth.  You can read about their role in setting 
standards in the Wikipedia article.

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