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Peter Belew abcruzww at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 08:16:29 PST 2009

Regarding my 400 mhz systems .. below:

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 2:03 PM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Peter Belew (abcruzww at gmail.com):
>>  These are actually "Samuel" CPUs, so there is a problem with some
>> distros, which as you say seem to try to run i686 kernels or other
>> programs and crash - I've seen that happen. Staying with generic 386
>> or 486 kernels works generally. But then there are sometimes some
>> display issues ...
> Aha!  Yes, there was a great deal of sturm und drang about that on
> Linux forums, when those system were new.  You might actually remember
> that.  ;->
> [Your three AMD systems:]
>> I think most of these system have 512MB of RAM.
> Just to correct my earlier posting, the "400 MHz" bit suggests they're
> _K7_-class CPUs, not K6.  But the same remark applies, that these are
> not pre-i686.  Anyway, with 512 MB RAM, you really _should_ be able to
> use them as full-service graphical workstations, if you want, provided
> you don't _waste_ RAM -- in which category, I would include GNOME and
> even XFCE4.

These are actually K6 systems, and just to see what would happen, I
tried booting the F12-beta-live CD on one - it immediately stopped and
politely informed me that it couldn't proceed due to the absence of a
block move instruction. Too bad for Fedora, actually: if they would
provide live CDs for < i686 systems, they would encourage more people
to do preliminary beta testing.

On the other hand, the Ubuntu Karmic live CD does boot up on one of
these systems (which has 512 mb RAM), and is somewhat usable from the
live CD - it would probably run as well as the current 8.04.1 LTS
system. (This system also runs FreeBSD with X).

Given that this runs Ubuntu ok, it might well run Fedora 12 in a i386
version. Maybe, maybe not!

> On a *buntu variant, if you just delete the symlink
> /etc/alternatives/x-session-manager, that alone removes the worst source
> of wasteage.  Then, you can do "sudo apt-get install icewm".  Then,
> "update-alternatives --config x-window-manager" to reset the value of
> /etc/alternatives/x-window-manager as per your preference.  After
> restart, you'll find there are a _lot_ fewer pointless processes
> running.
> Speaking of that, it's always worthwhile, on lower-RAM machines, to
> actually review the process table.  I am finding, to my amazement, that
> a lot of Linux users just aren't bothering to even understand what's
> running on their machines, let alone actively decide what _should_ run.
> So, it really, really pays to learn to understand the output of "ps" and
> "top" -- especially the RSS and VSZ figures that detail process memory
> usage.
> Early in my *ix usage, I came up with a useful heuristic for identifying
> what's a useful process.  A useful process is one that, if you kill it,
> you miss what it does.  (That's _slightly_ tongue-in-cheek:  It's worth
> at least attempting to determine what a process is and why it's running,
> before clobbering it just out of curiosity.  However, the larger point
> is a serious one:  It's your machine.  Shouldn't it run only what _you_
> want, and not a whole lot of junk you don't desire?)
> Ancillary to that, you also have a strong incentive to understand your
> system's init process -- System V Init for traditional Linux distros,
> Upstart for *buntus and some others -- in order to better control what
> launches at startup and what doesn't.
> Going through that exercise averts, among other things, the spectacle I
> see at many LUGs of people deciding the only desktop distro suitable for
> PIII-class machines is Puppy Linux (or DamnSmallLinux, or AntiX).  One
> can do a lot better.
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