[Smaug] Fedora 12 Beta now available

Karsten (quaid) Wade quaid at iquaid.org
Fri Oct 23 22:01:36 PDT 2009

On 10/23/2009 05:13 PM, Peter Belew wrote:
> Karsten - that appears to be Fedora 11, on the get-prerelease page.

Hmm, that's odd.  As of this moment, when I got to that page ...


... I see only 'Fedora-12' links.  The Beta has been out since 
Wednesday, I believe, but even before that, it would have been F12 Alpha 
or one of the update snapshots after Alpha.

> Will this live CD work on<  i686 cpus?

Doesn't look like it, the links all say i686; I believe I read that i586 
and earlier don't work on the Fedora Live.  There are i386 DVDs and CD 
sets on that page, too, but only as full install media.

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