[Smaug] Fedora 12 Beta now available

Karsten (quaid) Wade quaid at iquaid.org
Fri Oct 23 08:14:54 PDT 2009

The Fedora 12 Beta became available this week:


Download a live image (for CD or USB device) and see what the next 6 to 
12 months of Linux looks like!  Find a problem?  File a bug, please:


Yesterday was a Fedora Test Day, which are increasingly relevant for 
non-Fedora users.  Because the Fedora feature process is usually leading 
other distros by a few months, getting fixes in to Fedora (which go back 
upstream) mean fewer pains for your other favorite distros.

Yesterday's test day was about improving power management, and was very 
easy to participate in.  I'm sure folks can try it out and send in 
results.  It's probably the easiest test day so far ...


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