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Peter Belew abcruzww at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 07:37:27 PDT 2009

I would be favorable to a move to Tuesday or Thursday, myself. I'm
busy Wednesdays, and have one or 2 other things I'd like to do on

What do others think?

- Peter

On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 1:18 AM, Will Crawford
<wacrawfo at slugmail.ucsc.edu> wrote:
> Any chance of moving it to another day/time? Maybe tuesdays or thursdays
> in the evening?
> Preferrably some place near a bus stop (though as far as I can tell,
> this is most businesses in SC).
> -Will
> Peter Belew wrote:
>> Hi everyone ...
>> I'd like some feedback regarding locations for our meetings. The last couple of meetings were held at Asana Teas downtown. http://www.asanateas.com/ The place is nice, and they seem to have generally Ok wifi. A larger meeting might not be too possible, since they have a limited number of small tables; however, only a few people showed up.
>> For the last couple of years, most of our meetings have been held at the Pacific Avenue Pizza&  Grille. But they were more interested in keeping their employees cool than in keeping their customers warm (on a cold evening).
>> We've tried the IHOP in Capitola a couple of times - there was a problem with weak wifi there, so we went back to Pacific Ave Pizza.
>> Should we keep on having weekly meetings? Should we meet at all? Should we try to combine forces with some other LUG? What do you all want?
>> Speak up!
>> Peter
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