[Smaug] Meeting Monday, maybe?

Peter Belew peterbe at sonic.net
Sun Oct 11 23:30:02 PDT 2009

Some possibilities for tomorrow:

Stay at Pacific Ave Pizza.

Meet at the Capitola IHOP - in which case I may offer rides to some people on campus or downtown.

Asana teahouse at 103 Lincoln, between Pacific and the Todal Fitness gym. I checked it out a couple of nights ago. They do have wifi, no main-course food, just desserts and tea and maybe coffee. But there is Taqueria Vallarta right across the street, so there's local food. It may or may not be crowded on a Monday night, we would just have to see.

Right now, I'd prefer one of the last 2 options. Feedback?

I'll send more email before noon, and also post on our Facebook group and our web page as well.



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