[Smaug] Capitola IHOP

Keith Derrick keith.derrick at att.net
Wed Jun 3 13:49:15 PDT 2009

Peter et al,

I was over that way today so I dropped in for a chat with the manager. 

They do have free WiFi access, and would have no objection to us holding our meeting there. I explained that we weren't high rollers and that many would just have a soda. the manager even showed me which table would have power available - in a back room hence quiet - and offered to move tables together etc.

So, all in all I'd say they are definitely group friendly.

The IHOP opens on June 15th, which is a Tuesday, so the 21st would be the first sensible date for a meeting there. Obviously there's abundant FREE parking.

This is not saying we SHOULD move to the IHOP, just answering the question of whether we COULD.

Let the debate begin 8)

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