[Smaug] Meeting Monday

Karsten Wade karsten at karstenwade.com
Mon May 25 14:41:19 PDT 2009

Peter Belew wrote:

> Apparently the IHOP is now open at the location of the former Tinys
> in Capitola. I haven't checked it out yet - so I don't know if it's
> going to be as SMAUG-friendly as Tinys was. Has anyone been there
> yet?

Interesting idea.  I'd doubt a chain would be conducive, but who knows? 
  I guess I'd rather try out Santa Cruz Diner, by comparison.  It's 
understandable wanting to find a more comfortable location than Pacific 
Ave. Grille, but do you really want to move entirely out of Santa Cruz?

Has there been any discussion around approaching the folks at NextSpace? 
  (http://nextspace.us)  I wish The Attic were still what it once was, 
that was a great and comfortable location.  It just feels to me that, 
with downtown full of energetic geekiness, we should be able to find a 
location and maybe grow the member roll ...

- k'
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