[Smaug] Meeting tonight - Fedora 11

Karsten Wade phig at phig.org
Tue May 19 11:28:40 PDT 2009

William Estrada wrote:
> I hope FC11 is better that FC10! I just upgraded to FC10 and it has been
> a nightmare. Still unstable.

I'm presuming you have updated the install?  F10 updates have fixes to 
problems that came in the initial release.

This is one of the great reasons for trying Fedora during the Beta and 
Preview Release cycles.  The release engineering team also began doing 
updated snapshots across those cycles, so there is a Beta 2 and 
sometimes a PR 2.

I encourage people to try out a Fedora Live spin, such as from USB media 
or CD, and test 3 or 5 items that are important to them, then file bug 
reports or supportive information.  You can do that right now with the 
Preview or upcoming Release Candidate (RC).  If you catch a but in 
something that is important to you, you can greatly increase the chances 
of a fix appearing either in the F11 release or just afterward as an update.

- Karsten

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