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Sarah Manley sarah at cloudmade.com
Wed May 6 11:51:24 PDT 2009


I would like to invite your group to an open source mapping event this  
weekend in Santa Cruz. OpenStreetMap is an open source project to  
collaboratively map the entire world. It can be considered a wikipedia  
for maps, and provides access to free geodata. Currently, there are  
over 100,000 participants in OpenStreetMap worldwide, and we are  
working to increase participation here in the US. Your can learn more  
about the project here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org

We will be hosting a mapping party in Santa Cruz this weekend. During  
the event, participants collect information for the map (cycle /  
hiking trails, natural features, historic plaques, museums, other  
points of interest). This geodata is then uploaded to the OSM online  
map and corrected by participants. The data can also be corrected and  
improved upon by other OSM users.  The OSM data can be accessed by  
anyone and everyone, and is being used in many unique ways. Currently  
the map is being used to create bike maps, route maps, on GPS units  
and in many other capacities.

You can find all of the details here:

Saturday May 9th and Sunday May 10th from 11am to 4pm
101 Cooper Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Sarah Manley

Sarah Manley
Sarah at cloudmade.com
Cell: 631-338-3815
Skype: Sarah_cloudmade
Twitter: SarahManley

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