[Smaug] Install at UCSC this Saturday

Peter Belew abcruzww at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 14:38:07 PDT 2007

SlugLUG will be having an installfest at UCSC this coming Saturday, April 21.


SlugLUG (sluglug.ucsc.edu) will be holding a Linux installfest this
Saturday (04/21) in Jack's Lounge (Baskin white boards) from 1:00PM to
5:00PM. Bring a desktop or laptop for one-on-one help installing Linux.
Non-install related questions are also welcome.

Maps to Baskin Engineering:


Parking information:


Things useful to bring:

 o Your computer
 o Extra monitor for someone to use
 o Ethernet cables and hubs and switches
 o install disks for your desired distro
 o grounded power cables and power strips
 o ???

It's best to come early. People will probably be around past 5 pm but
starting an install then isn't a good idea!

- Peter

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