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Peter Belew abcruzww at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 14:29:43 PST 2007

Unfortunately, it often costs more to fix cheap electronic items than
to replace them. Or there is no documentation, or the spare parts are
unavailable, or the device isn't designed to be fixed, or the user
doesn't know how, or all of the above.

Example - my cheap ($20 after rebate) DVD player from Circuit City.
Any documentation is in Chinese, in China, and the parts are probably
available only there, too. Even if they were available and one could
fix the unit without any additional labor charge, the shipping and
stocking and duties on the parts would make them cost too much.

Contrast that with a repair to my laptop computer - it was
re-soldering one joint, required knowing how to take the unit apart to
get at the joint, and the good eyesight to be able to do that, and
only cost $75 or so compared to the cost of the computer, around
$1000. That was economically sensible.

It's sad that so much has to be thrown away, but often there is no other choice.

It used to be that if your car had an ignition problem, you probably
bought new points and a capacitor (then called "condensor") or filed
the points. Now you have to buy a new electronic ignition unit for a
couple of hundred dollars, or a computer board needs to be replaced
for the better part of $1000. But then, the new devices ARE a lot more


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> > Can anyone advise me as to the appropriate way to dispose of electronics in
> > California?  Up in Washington we had to take stuff to specialized facilities
> > (usually part of a big box electronic store).  I presume the situation is the
> > same here in Cali, yes?
> >
> > I have an power adapter of an iBook that had to be replaced after my GF ripped
> > out the plug (oops) and I'd like to dispose of it as environmentally as
> > possible.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Sean
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