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Did you ever find a solution to your problem with Windoze access to a
'shared folder' on your  Linux  box? I  have the same trouble with Ubuntu.
Ubuntu includes a gui that lets you designate a directory as a shared folder
but when you try and access the folder from XP, etc., one is prompted for
a login password. I got diverted the rest of the afternoon parusing the samba
docs, etc. and it  appears  one needs to  intimately  learn and modify by
hand the samba config file, issue logins/passwords or 'sync' user accounts
on the linux box with smbpasswd and on and on. I'm usually happy to go
through all of this, but, occasionally, I just need to address the task at hand
as it may include it's own hidden educational opportunities;) 


--Paul T.

Anthony Ettinger <anthony at chovy.com> wrote: On 12/18/06, Ivan Sterling  wrote:
> Does anyone at SMAUG have any ideas for David?
> Thanks, Ivan
> On Sun, 2006-12-17 at 21:52 -0500, Deaderick, David S wrote:
> > About a month ago I decided, after reading an article in Tux Magazine,
> > to make one of my two desktops at home a Linux server for all files
> > that Nancy and I use. That transition has gone pretty well with one
> > major frustration: Mandrake, Suse, MEPIS -- all cannot write to the
> > server, whereas Ubuntu and Fedora Core 6 have no problem with that.
> > Yes, with all of these I have an account on the server, same
> > username/password (and smbpasswd) as on the client. I don't know what
> > the problem is. Could be something simple. Ask your group, please.

I have a samba server setup, and it's pretty frustration getting it to
correctly login from windows xp...I usually have to unmap the drive,
and remap it again to store the correct username/password.

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