[Smaug] (forw) Linux Panel Discussion announced for Jan 25th - Santa Clara CC

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jan 9 18:52:47 PST 2007

Event over the hill that may be of interest.

 Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 18:42:34 -0800
 From: Sally Bixby <sallyb at rtcgroup.com>
 To: smaug-admin at lists.svlug.org
 Subject: Linux Panel Discussion announced for Jan 25th - Santa Clara CC

Hi Rick,  
I know you don't typically endorse or send out news about events, but
the technical conference called the Real-Time & Embedded Computing
Conference (RTECC) will be at the Santa Clara Convention Center on
Thursday, January 25th (its completely free to attend) and we've got a
new Linux Panel Discussion that I thought you and your members might
enjoy.  Here's a snapshot for your review.  For a guest badge or more
info ::: www.rtecc.com/santaclara. Walk in guests are welcome as well.
9:45 - 11:15 am     Panel Discussion  


presented by FSM Labs' President and CEO, Mr. Victor Yodaiken


Listen in on this influential group of Linux Experts as they discuss the
convergence and interoperability of Linux Enterprise and devices using
multi-core, virtualization, synchronization and security technologies.
Moderated by Bill Weinberg, President of Linux Pundit 


Panelists include:

Victor Yodaiken ::: President & CEO of FSMLabs and creator of RTLinux 

Rajive Joshi :::   Principal Software Engineer with Real-Time

Moiz Kohari :::   Director of Real Time Solutions with Novell, and
former CEO of Mission Critical Linux 

Marc Miller :::  Strategic Alliance Manager with Advanced Micro Devices

David Rivas ::: Chief Technology Officer with a la Mobile

Michael Ticse ::: VP of Business Dev. with Velankani Communications


About the moderator:::

Mr. Bill Weinberg brings over 18 years open systems, embedded, and other
IT experience to his Independent Analyst / Consultancy at
Linuxpundit.com.  Previously, he worked as Senior Analyst and Mobile
Linux / Carrier Grade Linux Initiative Manager at Open Source
Development Labs.  Prior to OSDL, Mr. Weinberg was a founding
team-member at MontaVista Software, helping establish Linux as the
favored platform for next-generation intelligent device development. He
also worked at Lynx Real-Time Systems, Acer Computer, and Microtec
Research. Today Mr. Weinberg is known for his writing and speaking on
topics that include Open Source licensing, international adoption of
Linux, embedded/real-time computing, application porting/migration, and
Linux-based consumer applications. He is a regular contributor
periodicals like to LinuxUser, ComputerWorld, and Enterprise Open
Source, and a frequent speaker at open source and mobile events around
the world.


Please post or share the open invitation with your members if you feel
its appropriate.  
Happy New Year, and we hope to welcome you and your colleagues on
January 25th,
Best - Sally
Sally Bixby  ~  The RTC Group
office/ +1 503.274.8005    cell/ +1 949.547.2885 
Int'l Marketing Manager / Event Production Manager
Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conferences (RTECC) www.rtecc.com

COMING in FEB '07!  MVA Communications Ecosystem Conference (MVACEC)
www.mvacec.com <http://www.mvacec.com/>  

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