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Peter Belew abcruzww at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 15:08:06 PDT 2006

Hi all -

On 8/18/06, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Matt King (mking at santacruzsentinel.com):
> > I'm looking for someone to talk to about Tiny's please give me a call
> Just for the group's collective knowledge:  Peter wrote to Matt off-list

  Yes I did.

> in e-mail, and I also just telephoned him to chat.  It's a mystery
> what's going on with Tiny's management, but it'd be a good idea to
> check occasionally, in case it reopens.  The food's good, the place is
> pleasant and spacious, there's wireless, and in generally it worked
> really well for Smaug.
> A few more things:
> 1.  I see that someone, probably Peter, has updated the Web site to (1)

 Not I. I haven't got a proper login yet (too busy to figure that out)

> show Pacific Avenue Pizza and Grille as the meeting venue and (2) update
> the listed dates.
> 2.  Peter(?) still went with _weekly_ Monday-night 8pm meetings.  I'd
> strongly suggest that, if there isn't at least one person regularly
> making it _every_ Monday night that it be cut back to monthly.

 No problem. about 4 people have been going every single Monday. One
will stop after this meeting due to a class conflict, but there are
likely going to be a steady group of people attending. But people
should keep in touch on the list and whoever updates the web page
should keep in touch with the regulars.

> Experience suggests that few things are as fatal to a Linux user group
> as people showing up for listed events and finding nobody there.  (Why?
> Because they'll tend not to believe any _other_ event announcements.)

 Very true.
> 3.  _Please_ check to see if Pacific Avenue Pizza has conflicting
> events.  (Remember 99 Bottles and its karaoke nights?)

  I talked to them, and they seem to think the time will be good. They
stay open till 10 if there are customers there, but sometimes close at
9:30 if business is slow. So, BUY PIZZA! (or whatever).
> 4.  Linux Picnic is tomorrow (Saturday, 11-5) at Baylands Park,
> Sunnyvale.  Please consider coming:  It's fun, and you get free food.
> (You'll want to RSVP at http://www.linuxpicnic.org/ .)

 I'll be there, and a couple of friends (other than SMAUG regulars)
will be there, for sure.
> If possible, let Picnic organiser Jennifer Davis know ASAP that you're
> willing to help as a volunteer.  (See the "Volunteer Info" link.)

 Thanks for the reminders and advice!

  - Peter
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