[Smaug] Finisar

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Aug 5 22:50:17 PDT 2006

Quoting Peter Belew (abcruzww at gmail.com):

> It would be nice of others were instructed in how to do this, and if
> there were some known person(s) who was(were) expected to do this.

Hi.  I honestly didn't know a thing about how to do it until the other
day, so I had to figure it out on the fly.  On the plus side, that makes
it easy to explain for others.  ;->

Go to the http://www.scruz.org/ front page, and login via the widget in
the lower left hand corner.  (If you don't yet have a login, use the
"Create new account" feature.)

Upon login, you'll now be at http://smaug.got.net/welcome .  Notice,
again in the lower left hand corner, a number of items where site
contents are classified that you can edit:


"blocks" is the catchall for a number of the ongoing items; they're "blocks" 
in the sense (I guess) of being mostly-fixed blocks of text.  The first
item listed is "Upcoming Events".  To the right of that and all the
other listed blocks are the controls for them

   configure delete

"configure" really means "edit", so that's what you select.  You get the
expected sort of editing window in your browser, and can use a limited
set of HTML tags (which are listed).

I hope the rest is easy to figure out; Jay's done a great job setting
the thing up.  I'll be glad to help further if anyone has questions.

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