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Paul Thomas orbital04 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 8 21:49:25 PDT 2006


Just for fun I'll add to the problem(s) since the subject of Ubuntu has arisen. I
wasn't able to attend the installfest due to having to appear at a rare inperson
job inerview.....all the usual excuses apply;)

Thanks to the encouragement and suggestions of list memebes, I successfully
resized my ntfs bearing XP on my laptop. Tried to install Debian via their
network install disk. I successfully partioned and formatted my new free drive
space and installed the Debian basic install which is supposed to enable you
to install the rest of the packages via the 'Net as you need or want them. Trouble
is the modules installed don't seem to want to load into the kernel (symbol 
troubles) and the kernel is 2.4.xx or something. This might be a fun thing to 
solve but at the moment I need something that works and catch up on it all
later as I go along. So I downloaded, tried out and tried to load the Ubuntu CD
(Dapper) Things seemed to be going well untill I got to the partioning part, because I'm already partitioned, I choose 'manual' for the method and the thing
basically crashed on me after a long pause. I will try again in a little while or
tomorrow when I have time, maybe I'll have to go in by hand and remove the
Debian partitions and start over, but what do I do about the grub boot loader
that still points to the Debian install? Will Ubuntu overwrite that? I haven't found
yet how to edit whatever it is that grub has written to the boot sector.

Thanks in advance!

--Paul T.

Craig Harlamoff <monterey10 at hotmail.com> wrote: 
I've install Ubantu sucessfully on the C drive.  The dual boot manager finds 
Windows on the D drive.  Windows doesn't recognize the C Ubantu partition, 
so when it's running, it thinks it's on C.

Now for my problem.  I have an ATI all in wonder video card.  I could use 
the step by step instructions for using SUDO to install a recommended 

I would love to attend the install fest, but my work schedule conflicts.

Thanks in advance for you help

Craig Harlamoff

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