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This is a cross-reposting to the SMAUG list - for those who are only
on that list. This is a Thursday afternoon 3 weeks from now.

- Peter

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Date: May 10, 2006 6:20 PM
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Just got this email, I'll probably try to show up for a couple hours.

Here's a map of that part of the UCSC campus:


I believe the Nameste lounge is in the small building on the right,
just a bit up from McLaughlin Drive.

 - Peter

Hey Rohan,
   Just to let you know... The Global Information Internship Program
(GIIP) is putting on a Linux Installfest! It's planned for June 8th
between the hours of 12:00-6:00. It will be held in the Namaste Lounge
near college nine. There will be food and videos and a lot of people
interested in the Linux os.
   Please come with the rest of the Linux group if you can! We would
love to have you guys there. Contact me if you need any details or have
any questions! My phone number is (949)(*snipped*)

Alicia Bell



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