[Smaug] Alternate location proposal for May Day

Peter Belew peterbe at sonic.net
Sun Apr 30 15:26:30 PDT 2006

Hi all ..

In recognition of Monday being May Day, Pavl has proposed hosting
SMAUG at his home in Scotts Valley. There is wireless access (which
I am using at this very moment), and he will provide some food,
such as spaghetti or something of the sort, and milk shake makings.

He's at 2474 El Rancho Drive in Scotts Valley. To get there, you
go up 17 to the SECOND El Rancho turnoff (the first one will NOT
work due to a slipout from many winters ago) and turn further up
towards Scotts Valley; or you turn off the freeway at the Mt Herman
exit and IMMEDIATELY turn sharply to the right, back DOWN El Rancho.
The address is next to the Moose Lodge - to the left looking at the
buildings. Pavl's part of the house is the building to the left;
you can go through the main house or through a yard with a chain
link fence. He has a curious collection of old computers etc.

So far this is a tentative proposal, feedback would be desireable.
Also, if this is deemed to be a good idea, possibly forward this
to folks that aren't on the list but are regulars (Chris and
Christian, possibly, and friends?)

The phone at Pavl's is 440-9760, my cell is 345-9291, home 

Cheers all!

 - Peter
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