[Smaug] UCSC Linux Install Bash!

Shaeleya Miller shaeleya at shaeleya.com
Sat Feb 25 10:20:49 PST 2006

Hi everyone--

What a great response- I am very excited that so many people are interested.
I am going to post all of your responses on our lab website so that all of
the other members of the group can be in the know and so that everyone can

Just a few quick overview things/answers to questions:

The OS we will be installing is Ubuntu-Our main goal for this event is to
get people comfortable with the idea of using Linux and of installing

It is still probably going to be on the 16th, but there is a small chance it
will have to move to the 17th (which is a Friday) depending on the space

I talked to the others in the group, and what we need the most is
participants and others who know what they are doing to help us answer
questions and make the process go smoothly. So if all of you are able to
make it we'd love to see you there.  I know there were some conflicts in
scheduling for a few of you but hopefully it'll work out.

In the meanwhile, if anyone has any questions or advice, we would love to
hear it. I think we have most of the planning wrapped up, but if you have a
cool idea or some feedback from experience keep'em coming. I've heard some
great stuff so far :)

Thanks Again!

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