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Thu Feb 23 15:02:27 PST 2006

Hi Shaeleya,
   I can't speak for everyone, but I can certain speak for myself when I say
that I'd love to help out in any way possible.  I used to be at UCSC and ran
the SlugLUG prior to graduating.
   We used to hold installfests by the whiteboards in the bottom level of 
Baskin Engineering.  We got the good folks at CATS to leave a couple of ports
connected over there and typically set up a couple of hubs to accomodate 
everyone.  I don't know if Josh (Homan, I think?) is still there, but he was 
the guy I talked to.
   I used to bring along a fair amount of spare hardware for diagnostics.
That usually included a PCI net card, PCMCIA net card, spare monitor, and spare
keyboard.  Additionally, I'd bring along as much net cable as I could scrounge
up, power strips, and power cords.  
   There were predictably the usual holy wars about which distro to use.  I was
always a fan of Slackware.  The less enlightened pushed Debian.  Somewhere
between installing Linux, we found time to have the usual arguments about which
distro was superior.  Y'know, good geek fun.
   I was trying to push the idea of a default distro the last year I was there.
Most people come in without a real idea of which flavor they want.  Since I was
trying to start a series of linux teaching sessions at meetings, it seemed like
a good idea to know the majority distro.
   Most people are just curious about Linux and want to keep Windows on a 
partition.  This is probably less of a big deal with NTFS being more common, 
but we asked people to defrag their hard disks before coming over.  That 
usually made running Partition Magic or parted relatively painless.
   The real challenge, of course, is getting people to start using Linux once
they have it on their system.
   The CS professors were generally happy to have people do announcements before
their class and/or put up advertisements.  Pat Tantalo, Darrell Long, Ethan
Miller, and Scott Brandt in particular.  I never figured out who to go to about
putting up flyers, so a couple of people used to go around papering the campus
which no doubt made us real popular with the folks cleaning them up.
   The interest we managed varied in proportion to advertising.  The worst 
showing had something like 3 people come in with ~15 people around to help.  
The best showing had 23 people come in with 5 people helping.  That was a bit
stressful, but we managed to attract the attention of the Fish Rap that year, so
all in all, it was to the good.  8)


On Thu, Feb 23, 2006 at 08:20:42AM -0800, Shaeleya Miller wrote:
> Hello-
> My name is Shaeleya and I am a student at UCSC who is currently enrolled in
> a hardware and Linux section with the Global Informational Internship
> Program (GIIP).
> We are planning a Linux Install Fest for March 16th (12-6) on campus and are
> hoping to involve other members of the Linux community.
> Any way in which you would like to take part would be greatly appreciated,
> whether it is
> - Brainstorming/planning with us for the event
> - Attending and troubleshooting (tech assistance)
> - Advice
> - Any other way that you would like to participate
> If you would like more information or would like to join us, please contact
> me at this e-mail address.
> Look forward to hearing from you!
> - Shaeleya
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