[Smaug] Upcoming Conference - Coordinated with USENIX

Jennifer Davis sigje at sigje.org
Fri Feb 17 10:14:13 PST 2006

Hey folks,

This isn't an event announcement so to speak, but more of a request to see 
what system/network/storage/security administrators want.  April/May time 
frame BayLISA is putting together a low cost one day conference with 

I'm soliciting input from people to see what are the hot topics that you 
perceive as something you need/want to learn about.  The plan is to do a 
LISA-like day specifically for the Bay area.  If you haven't heard of 
LISA.. it's one of the few system administrator vendor neutral focused 
conferences held in late Fall, early Winter timeframe run by USENIX.

This is an opportunity to actually have a voice in shaping a (hopefully) 
regular yearly event here in the Bay area that has all the professional 
aspects of being a conference run by experienced folks, with the quality 
and enthusiasm that comes from the community being involved.



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