[Smaug] Kernel parm help

William Estrada mrumunhum at popdial.com
Fri Dec 16 10:28:30 PST 2005

Hi guys,

  I am working on a new project that involves building a bootable USB CF 
system.  The
script to create the image is working.  My problem is what options in 
the grub
configuation file do I need to make the system diskless? 

  My grub.conf looks like this:

    # Change colors to show that this conf file was used.
    color green/blue black/red

    # Compact Flash
    title CF Embedded RAM SDA1
            root (hd2,0)
            kernel /boot/bzImage rw root=/dev/sda1 rhgb vga=0x31B
    video=rivafb \
                   ramdisk_size=100000 prompt_ramdisk=1
            initrd /boot/rootfs.gz

    # local hard drive
    title Internal Embedded System Test
            root (hd1,11)
            kernel /boot/bzImage rw rhgb vga=0x31B video=rivafb \
            ramdisk_size=100000 prompt_ramdisk=1
            initrd /boot/rootfs.gz

  My device,map looks like this:

    (fd0)   /dev/fd0
    (hd0)   /dev/hda
    (hd1)   /dev/hdb
    (hd2)   /dev/sda

  At boot, grub menu comes up but I get boot errors ( many different 
flavors ).  It
finds the rootfs.gz on the local hard drive but not the CF (/dev/sda1).  The
hard drive does not create or use the RAM disk.  And of course, I can't 
get a hard
copy of the boot log.

  Also, the splashimage is not used.

  Any ideas?

  William Estrada 
<HTTP://www.Mt-Umunhum-Wireless.net/resume/william_estrada.html>    --  
MrUmunhum at popdial dot com <mailto:MrUmunhum at popdial.com>  --   
  Ymessenger ID: MrUmunhum

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