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Sun Nov 20 17:29:02 PST 2005

If I recall correctly, waproamd and ifplugd were made for precisely
this reason.

ifplugd detects when it has a network connection (wired or wireless contact
with an AP).  waproamd will keep track of keys and switch you to the best
received wireless AP.

For DHCP (at least in the case of udhcpd), you can set up static mappings
of MAC addresses & hostnames to ip addresses, which would work for your
setup at home.

So, run DHCP on all interfaces and it ought to detect when a plug goes in
your wireless card or when you can smell out an AP.


On Sat, Nov 19, 2005 at 09:04:44PM -0800, Peter Belew wrote:
> I have my laptop (with Ubuntu installed) set up so it works ok
> wireless and wired (ra0 and eth0 interfaces respectively), but
> have to manually change /etc/network/interfaces when moving
> from using at home to using at school or at a friend's place.
> At home I use fixed addresses, and have a WEP key for
> the wireless. I have an internal DNS server on my LAN for
> LAN addresses.
> Elsewhere I access unencoded access points wireless, and
> an Ethernet port with DHCP.
> I'd like to be able to set up this on /etc/network/interfaces to
> make it easy to select what I want manually, without entering
> all the parameters manually. Ubuntu has a GUI tool for
> configuring - 'network-admin' but I'm not sure if that can be
> set up to allow menu selection of the choices I want.
> I do have the 'resolvconf' package installed, which should
> help with changing /etc/resolv.conf appropriately when changing
> primary interfaces.
> Does anyone have experience with this?
>  - Peter
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