[Smaug] Web site maintenance (was: scruz.org re-design)

cerise@armory.com cerise at armory.com
Thu Nov 17 10:38:51 PST 2005

On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 12:42:23AM -0800, Jay Campbell wrote:
> > I'm not sure I can get to (edit) that sidebar.  Of the existing site
> See if you can get to http://smaug.got.net/admin/block

   I was denied access, but that's probably because a magic bit needs to be
set to give me (cerise) permission to edit such things.
> Most stuff is hidden or turned off right now. Blog posts would show up
> on http://scruz.org/blogs - and I once there's content in the system
> I can turn on the sidebar to show the last few posts.
   I added a short initial post as a story, though it seems to have disappeared
into the ether.  I can see it under my recent posts, but nowhere else.

> Set that up then, and alias it to me and/or anybody who wants it. I just
> plugged that address into Drupal.

   Include me (cerise dash smaug at l dot armory dot com), please.

   A few other assorted notes:  Tiny's actually does have a website at:
   with directions on the front page.  Although I note that the page hasn't
been updated with details about the Cruzio-sponsored wireless access.

   Thanks a ton, Jay.  This looks fantastic! 


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