[Smaug] Web site maintenance (was: scruz.org re-design)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Nov 16 17:59:24 PST 2005

Quoting Jay Campbell (jay at got.net):

> Here's a Drupal framework for Smaug:
> http://smaug.got.net/drupal/

Nice job, Jay!

I see you copied over the text of the Info page, the Directions page,
and the guts of the front page.

I can copy over the Meeting Notes page, the last one I think matters.[1]
I've registered as "rick", and can do that work as soon as you set the
access flags for my login.  (The existing Sponsors page becomes pretty
much superfluous the moment we cut out of SF.net.)  At that point, that
will (in my view) have done the trick.

> Registration should work, though everything's under temporary
> hostnames. Give it a poke and tell me what you think.

Worked great.  I notice that the confirm message came from
"smaug.drupal at jayCampbell.com", which sidestepped two of my concerns: 

o  Normally, a lot of CGI-generated e-mail comes from apparent senders
   that themselves are not deliverable, which makes them look spammish,
   which in turn causes a lot of it to not get through.
o  Changes of virthosts (such as we're likely to do soon) can
    accidentally break MTA configurations.

1.  I can & will cut over the "A" record for www.scruz.org in the
group's DNS as soon as you give the word that the site will respond
correctly to HTTP requests for that hostname.  Please give the word.

2.  Any chance you can get the site to serve up the Drupal tree without
that /drupal/ subdirectory needing to be in the URL?  Yes, I saw that
you had a redirect page at the document root, but it'd be nice to
get rid of that.

3.  Also, can you arrange for the confirm messages to be generated
from a FQDN in scruz.org, rather than in jayCampbell.com?  It would
be bad to have site registration break because, e.g., your personal
domain's DNS is offline.

I can add whatever MX line you need to the scruz.org DNS.  Currently,
*@scruz.org and *@www.scruz.org land at my MTA, for lack of a better
place, mostly so we support the RFC-required postmaster@ and abuse@ 
addresses.  (Technically, those are required only of SMTP-capable
hosts.  I set that up just in case.)

[1] Well, there's one more -- and this is as good an occasion as any to 
rethink the implementation.  Look on http://www.scruz.org/ , and 
notice a hyperlink anchor on the word "more", here:

    NEXT MEETING: Monday, November 21 2005, 8 PM (more)

That hyperlink takes you to http://www.scruz.org/meeting.html , 
which gives more-complete meeting details plus an additional dozen
meeting dates.

I suspect that a lot of casual visitors miss that hyperlink completely, 
and I'm sure there's a better way to do it, but that's what I inherited.
The link anchor used to be even easier to miss:  I made it more prominent.

Anyhow, it's _really_ important for a group to list N upcoming dates,
N equaling at least 3-4.  I went with twelve because there was a whole
subpage to put them on, but 3-4 could go onto the front page.

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