[Smaug] (forw) Fixes needed in Smaug of Santa Cruz's DNS (domain = scruz.org)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Nov 16 01:50:53 PST 2005


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Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 01:49:52 -0800
To: crawford.rainwater at linux-etc.net
Subject: Fixes needed in Smaug of Santa Cruz's DNS (domain = scruz.org)

Greetings, Mr. Rainwater.  I'm writing you about the "scruz.org" domain
that you so graciously took custody of, for the Linux user group "Smaug"
of Santa Cruz, California, in December 2003.  There seem to be some
problems in the DNS that need remedying in your registrar's records.  I
fear that this is probably my fault:  I should have notified you of
changes made to the zonefile, when I (fairly recently) noticed that
three nameservers had stopped doing DNS for us without notice.  I am
doing so now.  Also, you need to correct "glue" records at your
registrar for two of our three remaining nameservers.

My role in this is that I maintain on my nameserver NS1.LINUXMAFIA.COM
(IP= the master zonefile for that domain.  My mail
server "linuxmafia.com" is also the default MX (mail exchanger) for the

Please have a look at
http://www.dnsreport.com/tools/dnsreport.ch?domain=scruz.org .

Current NS records in the zonefile are:

                IN      NS      ns1.linuxmafia.com.
                IN      NS      ns1.phosphor.net.
                IN      NS      ns.infiniteloopfilms.com.

Nameservers in the public whois records (your registration) are:

Name Server:NS1.CALTEG.ORG

1.  Notice the difference, concerning NS.GATWOOD.NET (David A. Gatwood),
NS1.CALTEG.ORG (Graham Freeman), and NS.SONGCUE.COM (David A. Gatwood),
which nameservers recently _ceased_ doing DNS for this domain, and
therefore have been dropped from the zonefile.  Please _drop_ those from
the authoritative nameserver list, in your registrar's records for this
domain.  (I see you use TierraNet Inc. dba DomainDiscover, which I also
used to use.  You can therefore do this and the next item via their Web
administrative interface.)

2.  Please _add_ NS1.LINUXMAFIA.COM, NS1.PHOSPHOR.NET, and
NS.INFINITELOOPFILMS.COM to your registrar's list of nameservers for the
domain, so they will have glue records in the parent .ORG zone.

FYI:  The following IPs are currently permitted in my nameserver's
/etc/bind/named.conf.local to pull down the zonefile via zone transfers:

        allow-transfer {
        //Eric Cain:
        //David A. Gatwood:

With the vanishing of NS.GATWOOD.NET, NS1.CALTEG.ORG, and
NS.SONGCUE.COM, scruz.org's DNS has once again become a bit thin:
We could actually use a couple more, for comfort, but that's not a huge
priority.  (I'm mostly talking to myself, there.)

Thank you, again, on behalf of Smaug!

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