[Smaug] Smaug meeting tonight

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Nov 14 17:33:12 PST 2005

Quoting cerise at armory.com (cerise at armory.com):

> Yet another installment of SMAUG this evening at
> Tiny's restaurant.
> Details are on the much-discussed website.

Update:  Since Phil never _even_ got around to adding Anthony to the
SF.net (SourceForge.net) project admin roster, nor checked in any of
Anthony's work, I've updated the site myself (and resumed maintenance).


Anyone willing to help maintain Smaug's Web pages need only e-mail one
of the existing project admins, providing your SF.net login, to get
commit access.  (Anthony would be very welcome!)  Those admins are
(still), per http://sourceforge.net/projects/smaug-web/:

cerise (Phil White)
dgatwood (David A. Gatwood)
eldeeq (Lisa DeQuattro)
jmhunter (Jacob M. Hunter)
quaid (Karsten Wade)
rickmoen (Rick Moen)

It's not difficult:  Procedures are detailed in Document Manager in our
project.  Starting at http://www.scruz.org/ (our home page), select
"Project Pages", then "Docs".  Notice there's a short piece called "How
to Work on the Smaug Web Site".  That's all you need.

The changeover in March to _weekly_ meetings instead of monthly means
that two files (index.sub and meeting.sub -- the non-static parts of
index.html and meeting.html, respectively) need to get a bunch of listed
dates incremented weekly.  It would be nice  if someone _in_ the Santa
Cruz area would help make that happen.  (Yes, I'm ex-Crown College, but
I live north of Stanford, these days.)

Alternatively, if you're really hot stuff with sed/awk, and think you 
can script that date changeover right _on_ shells.sourceforge.net, hot
damn:  Go for it.

If you don't like the CVS regime or site design, don't tell _me_ about it.
I didn't set it up; I'm just a content janitor.  ;->

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