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Fri Nov 11 08:21:14 PST 2005

--- Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> Quoting Max Baker (max at warped.org):
> > At risk of having to dawn my flame-proof suit ( I
> ACTUALLY own one as of
> > this halloween, but that's another story),  Could
> someone tell me why we
> > need to switch from SourceForge?
> We don't.  
> Some things cannot within reason be done at
> SourceForge.net, that can
> probably be done at Got.net and some other places. 
> Also, it's always
> been a little eyebrow-raising to use SourceForge.net
> that way, since
> it's designed as community hosting for open-source
> software projects.

Well, if you put the entire web site in sf.net, then
I'd say it could be a good project. Anybody wanting to
start their own LUG could use it. (One of the reasons
I put "copyleft" on the layout I did, but doesn't look
like that is going to be used here).

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