[Smaug] How long have you been on the net?

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> I was surprised to see that this was on the net:
> http://groups.google.com/group/sol.lists.freebsd.questions/browse_thread/thread/a39424d6265ff8fa/ab1a2d7a1d3923bf?lnk=st&q=cerise+floppy+BSD&rnum=1&hl=en#ab1a2d7a1d3923bf
> The problem was that their install kept saying my 3.5" floppy didn't
> have
> enough space.  As it turned out, it was trying to use my 5.25".
> I used to be on BBSes, but the last I checked ('97), all of my old
> haunts
> had gone away.
> -Phil/CERisE

Well, in that case, the first time I logged onto a BBS was at 300 baud
in 1981 (on my dad's TI99/4a with the Terminal Emulator II Cartridge,
which could also do 110 baud) and an acoustic coupler. I actually did
quite a bit of modeming around on a dedicated terminal I bought at a
swap meet, attached to a 1200 baud modem (also obtained at a swap
meet... you had to press a little button on an external cord to complete
the connection) - the 1200 baud modem was a major upgrade from the 300
baud modem (overnight downloads of 2 megabyte "warez" didn't make my
parents particularly happy).

I was regularly online starting in about 1986, I think; I'm sure all my
old haunts are gone (most of them were run by teenagers out of their
bedrooms, and had one or two lines), other than the City of Santa
Monica's Public Electronic Network. I think one or two of the board
might have had FidoNet on them, but I don't think I posted much on the
boards - more into games and chat... I'm sure I didn't grasp that
FidoNet was a worldwide network, because I recall thinking it majorly
cool that some German dude dialed into the 32 line BBS system that was
my major hangout, OutWorld BBS in LA, and I could talk to him for
free... and then REALLY impressed when I discovered Usenet in college
(threading! tons of furriner's!).


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