[Smaug] Web site maintenance (was: scruz.org re-design)

relsqui@armory.com relsqui at armory.com
Tue Nov 8 12:52:55 PST 2005

Except for the lorem ipsum thing, I have not contributed to this thread so far.
I have withheld my opinion on the site design and will continue to withhold it.
There is, however, a point at which even I feel the need to open my big mouth.

Anthony, Rick, Phil: ALL of you are acting like fucking CHILDREN. And when a
little girl tells you you're being immature, it should tell you something! I
am ashamed, right now, to be a participant in this list and this group. All I
have seen on the list today is the three of you covering your ears and
screaming about how big your respective cocks are. There are real topics to
be addressed, and each one of you in turn has given them lip service before
wailing and crying like a little baby. Am I generalizing too much? Do you feel
ready to reply and say why this doesn't apply to you? Here, let me be specific:

Rick: As the only person who works on the current SMAUG website, you should
have a lot to contribute to this conversation. It's a goddamn shame, then, that
you feel perfectly free to hide those valid points behind a stream of
accusations and threats. You of all people, who have been through this routine
countless times with Phil, should know better. Why do you give him the
satisfaction of arguing at his level? Furthermore, while you and Jacob did
plenty of work at the beginning of the *UG which deserves recognition, the
most you've done since I've been a member is update the "next meeting" date
(eventually) and argue with the people who actually participate. Stop acting
like you own the fucking thing.

Phil: You have the least to add to this topic, as you are offering neither to
create nor maintain a website, yet you have the most to say about it. You're
having a lot of fun baiting Rick, and I can hardly blame you--it's like
shooting fish in a barrel. But your fun and games are just piling shit on the
mailing list. It's ugly, it smells bad, and it keeps anyone else from wanting
to get anything done. There are places for that kind of shit; leave it there.
Any more I have to say to you I can say in person.

Anthony: You almost, almost had my respect in this. When Rick and Phil started
going at it, your first response was "forget I mentioned it." But instead of
stopping there, you jumped right into the fray. You could easily have made a
polite case for your redesign, incorporated Rick and Jacob's concerns, and
then decided whether you still wanted to go ahead. Apparently it was way more
fun, though, to leap down onto the low road and start slinging mud. You're not
as contradictory as Phil and Rick are but you are at least as immature--if I
ever supported you as SMAUG's web designer/maintainer, I sure as hell don't

Didn't they teach you the basics of courtesy in kindergarten? What, have you
not yet figured out why? Because nothing gets done without them! There's a
conflict, so you compromise, by finding what everyone agrees on and working
from there. But each of you has steadfastly dug in his heels and wailed about
not getting his way. Don't any of you DARE claim you were just responding to
someone else's insult. That didn't fly when you were five, and it won't now.
None of you can take the high road, either--it's too late to pretend that any
of you wants to be mature about this.

I am disgusted by all of your behavior. You are grown men. Stop hiding behind
your keyboards, yelling childish insults at each other, and act like it. If
this goes on any longer, I will be unsubscribing from SMAUG; I don't plan to
return until there is a significant change in membership.


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