[Smaug] scruz.org re-design

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Nov 7 21:59:33 PST 2005

Quoting cerise at armory.com (cerise at armory.com):

> 1) He can do absolutely no worse than the way the website is at the present.

I think he can do a great deal worse, and am very much tempted to
sadistically step completely aside and let you find out the hard way.  

> 2) As you've noted, motivated people are in short supply.  He's
> motivated unlike the rest of us.

I'm pretty sure he's motivated to put his own stuff up in public, in
place of other people's work.  Anything else, I would doubt.  I mean no
criticism of Anthony in saying that:  It's what what Web designers do.
And, at that point, Smaug is most _definitely_ going to be worse off,
and I'll be saying "I told you so."

The fact that Anthony never bothered to check out the CVS, and that even
the SSIs come as a surprise to him, and that he's trying to handwave
such considerations away and is changing his story on what this is all
about -- i.e., it's not about accessibility, after all -- says volumes. 

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