[Smaug] scruz.org re-design

cerise@armory.com cerise at armory.com
Mon Nov 7 21:49:06 PST 2005

On Mon, Nov 07, 2005 at 09:30:54PM -0800, Rick Moen wrote:
> Say, you aren't simply wanting to ignore everything that's been done to
> date, because you simply _want_ to do a complete site redesign, and this 
> business about accessibility is just an excuse?
> Because you're sounding a whole like a lot of Web designers I know, who
> just want an excuse to play around and change everything, and whom wild
> horses couldn't drag into merely fixing someone _else's_ work, even if
> that makes more sense for the client.

Rick (and everyone else), I won't permit this to go on for two reasons.

1) He can do absolutely no worse than the way the website is at the present.
   Artistry or no, you recognize how important a website is to a *UG.  If he's
   willing to own it and submit it for public scrutiny, then I have no problems
   whatsoever in handing him the keys and giving him our best.
2) As you've noted, motivated people are in short supply.  He's motivated
   unlike the rest of us.  I hope you'll join me with silence and step back to
   let the guy do his work.

What I will permit:

1) Criticism of the present site design.  I think there's been good comments about
   it aesthetically.  I think changing the general site design is a good idea rather
   than attempting to keep things as they are.
2) Offers to help.


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