[Smaug] scruz.org re-design

Anthony Ettinger apwebdesign at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 19:51:53 PST 2005

> He's motivated?  Good.  I look forward to him
> joining the SourceForge 
> project.  

Can I commit changes from an anonymous CVS account?

If possible, why don't you just make a CVS module
called "redesign" and whoever wants to can hack away
at it...Like I said, this was more of an exercise for
me, since I made the layout "copyleft", I figured
smaug would be a good candidate to use the layout

If updating the date is all that needs to be done, I
can do that with javascript or an ssi perl script.

Ideally, I'd say we have a simple password protected
admin form for updating one dynamic page (ie - the
meeting page + topics). Nothing to fancy, just a
simply form submit and write to file.

I'm sure everybody is busy, the last thing I want is
to create more work (especially ongoing work) for

Here are a few reasons why you may want to implement a
new standards design (regardless of who does it):

1) accesibility by screen readers for those using
assistive technologies, mobile phones, any browser -
at any resolution (that includes Lynx)

2) search engine referals will undoubtedly increase,
given the fact that robots love semantic HTML

3) redesign can be done by simply uploading a new css.
HTML will not have to be touched, unless you want to
change content. (ie - csszengarden.com)

4) something fresh, and easily maintainable.

Anthony Ettinger
ph: (408) 656-2473
web: http://www.apwebdesign.com

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