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relsqui@armory.com relsqui at armory.com
Thu Oct 13 08:00:48 PDT 2005

Okay, having failed to get it on-list once, I managed to post it twice--not
not sure how that works, bah. Sorry. ; )


On Thu, Oct 13, 2005 at 02:05:12AM -0700, relsqui at armory.com wrote:
> Since I utterly failed to get my original, explanatory message on-list, here's
> my response to the idea of switching back to monthly meetings: we could have
> one "big" meeting every month for demonstrations or planned events, and then
> continue to have weekly "little" meetings just to chat.
> However, the internet issue may soon be moot; Tiny's is officially getting
> wireless! Someone is coming by next week, as I recall, to at least meet with
> Heather; it shouldn't be too long thereafter that it's actually set up. Of
> course, if they do anything silly like block any useful ports, we'll be able
> to go back and fix it.
> See y'all next week.
> Fizz
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